Best Rated Low Interest Credit Cards

Best Rated Low Interest Credit Cards

Today, many people carry out their shopping in daily life through credit cards. Some individuals avoid using credit cards because of the high interest rates of their credit cards. So, is it possible to find credit cards with low interest rates? Which banks offer low interest credit cards to customers? Where do I need to apply to use these credit cards? Let’s do a thorough investigation on this subject.

Main Low Interest Credit Cards

There are many credit cards with low interest rates. If you want to use these credit cards, you need to do this as soon as possible by going to the branches of the banks or applying for a card via internet banking. Before making your application, be sure to check if your credit score is sufficient for that credit card. Now let’s take a look at two low interest credit cards.

Discover it® Cash Back: This credit card Intro does not charge APR rate. The regular APR amount varies between 13.74 percent and 24.74 percent. In each shopping category, this credit card earns a 5% bonus. The card does not require an annual fee. It has low interest rate.

PenFed Promise Visa® Card: It has an APR ratio between 9.74 and 17.99 percent. Intro APR ratio was determined for the first 12 months. This rate is determined as 4.99 percent. There is an intro bonus rate of $ 100. No extra fees are required. No annual fee is charged. It has minimum interest rate.