Best Rated Travel Airline Credit Cards

Best Rated Travel Airline Credit Cards

If you’re a frequent traveler and you’re traveling on a plane, don’t you want your credit card to give you bonus points when buying flights? Many credit cards earn bonus points for everyday shopping. For example, there are many credit cards that provide bonus points for grocery and gas purchases. The number of credit cards that make you earn bonus points from flight tickets is less.These credit cards are called airline credit cards.

If travelers use airline credit cards, one of several flights can be completely free. What’s more, these credit cards also provide hotel booking discounts for the majority of your business trips. If you would like to apply for a airline credit card, please read our article first. In our article we will talk about two different credit cards.

Best Airline Credit Cards Based on Internet Rating

You can see 2 different airline credit cards, which are the best chosen according to the ratings on the internet.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card: Best for Southwest: Thanks to this credit card you will earn a ticket on every 20 miles of flight! Moreover, the bonus tickets you earn are usually valid for a year. You can always use those tickets whenever you want. Therefore, many people prefer this credit card.
Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card: Best for Alaska Airlines: Annual fee rate is 99 per year. You will earn 1000 Dolar after spend 50.000 miles flight ticket from this card.

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